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Shaolin is the oldest living tradition of Chinese unarmed combat. Many martial arts historians consider Shaolin to be the ancestor of most present day styles of East Asian unarmed fighting.

Shaolin derives its name from the Shaolin monastery established by Emperor Hsiao-wen (died AD500) of the northern Wei Dynasty. The monastery is situated on the lesser peak (shao-shih) of Mt. Sung in an area once covered by lush forest (lin) hence the name “Shao-Lin”.

Developed as a self-defence tradition for monks early in the 6th century AD, it rapidly spread beyond the Shaolin monastery reaching throughout China and East Asia. Its antecedents are uncertain.

Regular classes involve practical training, yogic exercises and the Buddhist philosophy & psychology that underlies them. Classes are held on weekday evenings throughout the year at the University of Sydney.

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